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App Idea

What if sleeping in for that extra five minutes could punish you, but reward others?

WakeOrDonate is a brand new alarm clock application that donates the user’s money to charity each time they press the snooze button.

The app creates a monetary consequence for pressing snooze. An original alarm clock contains no such punishment for snoozing; this an unaddressed issue. A study has found that an average of 590,000 UK workers show up late every day - 14%, of which, have snoozed their alarm system. Staff arriving late to work costs the UK £9 billion a year!

With technology moving at a rapid speed, everyday objects are quickly being zapped into a small button on a phone screen. Currently 26.3% of the population (48.1% of 16-34 year olds, 26% of 35-54 year olds and 9% of 55+ year olds) are using an alarm clock on their mobile phone (according to a survey of 586 YouGov panelists) and this will only increase as time progresses. The people surveyed were also asked how often they snoozed:

The snooze button is pressed far too frequently, the ‘alarming community’ are not productive enough, there are 24 hours in a day - we should all seize them.

When a snooze is really necessary it should at least be worthwhile - both for the user and his/her chosen charity! Over time, the app will negatively reinforce sleeping in (as monetary supplies fall), but on the other hand, the user could save somebody’s life before they have even got out of bed. The app‘s motto is as followed, if you sleep in comfort, make sure somebody else can too.’

Donations, as a consequence of snoozing within the app, are customisable and can be directed to a wide range of charities. Each week a new charity is added for selection. With a simple alarm interface and secure payment system this app is perfect to increase charitable giving and productivity. Users are under no subscription to pay daily, weekly, or anything like that, money is only taken when the ’snooze’ button is pressed. The app is novel, yet profitable.


  • Alarm tones can be set to any song within the user’s iTunes library
  • Sleep related quotes and tips, updated weekly
  • Customisable snooze buttons
  • Calendar integrated alarms (to be bought within the app)
  • A countdown calendar with '... many sleeps until ...' (to be bought within the app)
  • Social network integration
  • A nightly 'sleep time' calculator

Promotion:;and has had outreaching articles published in numerous newspapers. All of which, have been done under amateur lacklustre imagery: with the new current professional image, the future is bright - like the morning sun! 

The great thing about the marketing of WakeOrDonate is that it can be placed on either technological or charitable feeds (forums, magazines, newspapers etc.). In addition to this, the market for this app can be generalised to almost anybody, after all, who hasn't had a sneaky lie-in!

In regards to promotional activity once the app has made it to the App Store, WakeOrDonate will have 'demo' periods of 10 days, where users can have full access to all features so that they can use the app as they'd like to without having to pay any extra money! This will be done in hope that when the trial period is over they may be persuaded to buying a specific feature. Also, by this, users encourage their friends to download the app so that they can be a part of this deal.



  • portrait Home A welcoming opening page

  • portrait Screen 2 A simplistic settings approach; calendar settings, tone settings, donation settings and general settings.

    The central clock is also used within the settings function, it can be pressed to set alarm time.

    The quote, or tip, regarding sleep is changed weekly.

    Finally, at some point, a white strip may be introduced at the top of the screen to be set ready for advertisements.

  • portrait Screen 3 Alarm clock time settings: easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

  • portrait Screen 4 Donation settings menu - The page is versatile and informative. The promotional ‘share’ option, does not only build publicity for the charity but also for the application, as tweets and Facebook status’ are customised for promotional purposes. For example, ‘WakeOrDonate has introduced me to this incredible charity…’

    The space underneath 'charity information' are left for a logo and statement from the suggested charity.

  • portrait Screen 5 If the phone is not locked this screen will appear as the alarm goes off, otherwise, it can be found on the general settings page in the bottom right-hand corner of the main page.

    Within the customise section there are a range of different snooze buttons so that the user can choose to further advance their personalised experience: some of the snooze buttons cost money.

    Lastly, eventually a white bar will be introduced at the bottom of the page set ready for advertisements.