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Push traffic alerts to device
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App Idea

A recent study by a leading in-car data company concluded that British drivers are spending up to 3 days a year stuck in traffic. I am certainly one of those drivers... My 70 mile round trip to work each day can take me anywhere between 3-5 hours a day. If you are like me and suffer from unpredictable traffic then this app is for you! With this app you can save your regular routes with the time(s) that you normally take them... The app will then start checking the traffic on your route 30 mins before your chosen  departure time and warn you of any traffic on your route. This is not a satellite navigation app... It is designed to stop users from unknowingly driving in to traffic.


  • portrait Home Screen This is the landing screen for the app. It will give users a brief look at traffic in their vicinity as well as provide easy and intuitive links to the other areas of the app.

  • portrait Routes Screen The main part of the app is the "Routes" screen. Here the user can see which routes they have manually created as well as those imported from their Google calendar

  • portrait Add Route This intuitive screen enables users of all levels to add routes quickly and easily.

  • portrait Traffic Alerts "Traffic Alerts" screen will show all traffic alerts ordered and colour coded according to severity. The quick links at the bottom of the screen also allows users to break the alerts down.

  • portrait Notifications No one likes receiving dozens of notifications so this screen allows users to choose which notifications they receive. This can be broken down by both severity and distance from the user.