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App Idea


  • portrait Project Reminder When a crowdfunding project is nearing its end a push note will be sent.

    This will enable you to give them the final push by sharing on Facebook and Twitter

  • portrait Reward Reminder When a estimated delivery date for a reward comes up, you will be notified by a push note.

    By clicking on the Go To Project Page button, you will be directed to the project page on the crowdfunding site. In this case:

  • portrait Reward Project Once you add a project, you can revisit it. On the project page you can turn off/on the reminders and click the check mark once a reward is received.

  • portrait Equity Shares Project Like above this is a project page but then for Equity projects. You will be able to edit the current share price to calculate profits.

  • portrait Backer Statistics Statistics page, on the app you will be able to scroll down to see more. There will be statistics per type of crowdfunding.