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App Idea

Keep stock of your inventory and be prepared for everything with this app. You can enter all the items you have stocked and specify how much you have, where you keep them and when they expire. Not just for all you preppers out there, but everybody with a stocked pantry or cellar will appreciate this app.

The app will be free with a restriction of 5 items. The full version can be unlocked via an in-app purchase.


  • portrait Add Item - Name Add item: here you enter a new item for your inventory. Add name, quantity, expiration date, location and tags.

  • portrait Search - Entry List view: this is an overview of all your items. You can perform a search for specific items. Via Settings you can set the list view to specific grouping.

  • portrait Edit Item Edit item: when you tap an item in the list, you can directly change the quantity of it by tapping the plus or minus. When you tap the name, exp. date, location or tags, you will go to full edit mode.

  • portrait Settings Settings: Here you can change some default settings or add new locations or tags. And turn on/off notification. Also make an export of your inventory.

  • portrait Preview Home screen: here you can see the number of items that are approaching their expiration date.