FAQ – For Producers

  • Can I publish an App Idea?

    To be eligible to publish a revenue generating App Idea, you need to satisfy the requirements of Paypal, and basically anyone can open a Paypal account for free. Make sure you get your account verified.

  • Is a Paypal account required to publish an App Idea?

    Yes. SellanApp uses Paypal to pay out any revenue share.

  • I don't have to fill-in a funding goal, why not?

    Since its unknown beforehand how much funds are required to transform an App Idea to a real App, SellanApp uses a unique crowd-funding model, where we combine reward based crowd-funding with an auction model.

    Read more about how this works on our How it Works page.

  • Is sharing revenue required?

    Yes. See How it Works to learn more about how we share revenue.

  • Can I submit more than one App Idea at once?

    Sure. However, we discourage running more than one App Idea at a time.

    Having multiple live App Ideas can confuse pledgers and split support. Running an App Idea is a lot of work, and more than one live App Idea will likely dilute your attention and energy.

    There may be exceptions out there, but that's generally how it works. It's your decision!

  • Can I submit more than one App Idea for review?

    Sure, you can upload and submit as many ideas as you like. When you have uploaded more than one App Idea, you can activate and publish any idea at any time.

    Note however our reservations about running more than one App Idea at once.

  • Can an App Idea be deleted?

    Not once it has been launched to the public. App Ideas remain accessible on SellanApp, even if funding is unsuccessful or canceled. Transparency is important.

  • Can I withdraw my App Idea during funding?

    No, when people have pledged on your App Idea you cannot withdraw it anymore.

    For now, when you want to withdraw your App Idea before anyone has pledged, please send a message to support@sellanapp.com.

  • Can I cancel my App Idea after a developer has selected my App for development?


  • Can I retry if my App Idea is not selected?

    Yes. You'll need to set your App Idea up from scratch, but it can be essentially identical if you choose. Be sure you have read any comments on your App Idea and try to improve.

  • Can App Ideas be edited after launching?

    Yes, you can edit the following after you uploaded your App Idea from the iPad App:

     You can edit video pitch, team, partners, rewards, connections and message to the developer freely by selecting 'Edit' in your Dashboard.

     If you want to make changes in anything you have filled in or created from within the iPad app, just upload your new mock-up. Note that you can duplicate projects in the iPad app so that you can create a history of your App Ideas.

     After your App Ideas had been launched:

    • You can edit video pitch, team, rewards, connections and message to the developer freely via Edit App Idea.
    • You can edit video pitch, team, connections and message to the developer freely via Edit App Idea;
    • Rewards (add new once or edit those not yet pledged upon);

    Any edits you made in your App Idea (via the iPad app) including App Idea and High Level Pitch and Icon you can activate by uploading your App Idea, select it and send a request for activation. Make sure you're not changing the App Name, because than a new App Idea is eventually published.


    The only things that cannot be edited after launch are:

    • Rewards that have already been selected by a pledger;
    • Funding Period;
    • App Name (if you do want to change this, contact us.)
  • How do I know someone won't steal my idea?

    Being open and sharing ideas is an essential part of SellanApp. The platform is collaborative by nature, and is a powerful community-building tool for our producers. If you are unwilling to share information about your project with potential pledgers then SellanApp probably isn't the platform for your App Idea.

    For those who want to steal App Ideas. Please go to the Apple App store or any other App Store. You will find many many more App Ideas to steal at your own risk.

  • Can I add sponsors and partners to my project?

    Yes, and we encourage you to add partners because they will help making your App Idea a success.

     Read all about partners here.

  • I'm working with a team, can they all be part of the App Idea?

    Yes, your team is what make you App Idea successful. If you started alone, we encourage you to look for people who support your idea, look at it from different angles and add to your idea by creating graphics, user interaction features and more to your mock-up.

    Working with a team will probably improve your change of success. Read more about teams here.

  • Can I use an animation or use an external animation service to create a video pitch?

    Numerous pitches have been successful with the use of animations or with the use of services like PowToon.

    Although they have been successful we ask from the producer to at least have one personal touch in the video pitch. For example the use of a voiceover under the background instead of music, or a short video introduction in front of the camera who you are in front of the pitch. SellanApp is a community of people and we prefer a connection between the active people on our platform (producers, pledgers and developers).